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Official Training Provider for ALM Works

cPrime provides training within the Structure plugin that lets you and your teams organize JIRA issues into a flexible hierarchy.  If you're interested in receiving training individually or for your whole team, reach out to the cPrime Training Team and we'll set your team on a path to success with Structure for Atlassian JIRA.

Our Structure course focuses on core concepts, automation, transformations, custom views, administration, best practices, and more!  

To learn more about receiving official Structure training from cPrime, fill out the form on this page and our team will contact you shortly with training options available.










Structure Benefits

Unlimited Hierarchy

Issue hierarchy may have any depth (sub-issues, sub-sub-issues, and so on), and contain issues from multiple projects and of any issue type.

The Big Picture

A structure may include important tasks and milestones from all projects in the company, and provide overview of the progress for the management - in JIRA or in an Excel report.

Time-Saving Templates

Whether it's a new employee checklist or a test plan, you can save time and effort by cloning a pre-populated template structure instead of creating all issues by hand.

Keep Work Organized

When issues are collected into meaningful structures, you can quickly browse them and see the context of each issue.

Total Progress and Time

Track total time spent, total estimation or overall progress - Structure aggregates this information upwards through the hierarchy.

Visualize Relationships

Get a single view of an already existing hierarchical relationship, represented as issue links, sub-tasks or Agile Epic-Story links.

Extend and Integrate

Structure plugin has a well-documented API, allowing integration with your existing infrastructure through additional custom-made JIRA plugins. Extensions like Structure.Testy and Structure.Pages are an example of what can be achieved with the API.



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